Microstation Drafting Services

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Our Team is Proficient in Microstation Drafting Services

Microstation drafting services software is there to help your imagination come to life. It can produce both 2D and 3D models and assists with drafting and animation. The software is said to be above average, and it accomplishes that by allowing the user to test your design. Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd uses this piece of software to provide design and drafting solutions in various engineering fields.


Benefits of Microstation

Engineers and designers work under pressure and with demanding workflows. Microstation has features and capabilities that simplify their lives no matter the discipline of engineering. These are some of the benefits of using Microstation:

  • One of the concerns working with major projects is the possibility of the software or computer crashing. As a result, you lose all the progress you’ve made and have to start from scratch. Microstation saves every command as you perform it; therefore, in the event of a crash, the work is already saved.
  • Time is of the essence, and these software programs would save time as opposed to drawing freehand on paper. Microstation promotes this by allowing you to use a command without having to reselect it every time. It may appear to be a small issue, but in the context of work, it saves time and increases productivity.
  • We’ve all relied on the undo button in whatever program we work. With most programs, you can only undo a certain amount of times. However, Microstation provides an unlimited, non-linear opportunity to Undo. Even if you’ve completed a hundred various tasks after a few days, you’re able to go back to a particular point and undo that action.


What to Expect from Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd Regarding Microstation

We’ve been in operation since 1993, and although we’re an Australian company, it hasn’t restricted us from conducting work beyond our borders. The quality of our work speaks volumes when large companies and government organisations from the USA, Europe, and South-east Asia engage us to assist them.

  • Since our formation, we’ve completed thousands of projects overseas and here in Australia. We’ve also assisted several elite clientele such as the Defense Forces of Australia, Honeywell, Parmalat, Adshell, Boeing, and Caltex, to mention a few. Our involvement in the refurbishment of the Queen Street Mall and King George Square that are recognised landmarks in Brisbane brought us attention from the international and local press.
  • Our team is highly skilled in the software we use for building and factory layouts, 3D drafting and electrical drafting. Our software licences are always updated, which enables us to provide a fast turnaround without compromising on our quality.
  • We take the time to understand your needs and provide solutions that apply to you. The Queensland government trusted us with one of the first licenses to provide labour-hire services in the drafting, engineering and architecture field. You can rely on us for efficient, high-quality service.


About Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd

We’ve been in the industry for 27 years and are still going strong. Today, we’re one of the most respected Engineering Design, Drafting and technical labour hiring companies in Australia.

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