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If you have a big or small project coming up and you need reliable mechanical engineers in Australia with years of experience, you can count on us. We bring a range of services to the table to ensure you always get effective solutions. Choose Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd today and experience maximum engineering efficiency.


What to Expect from Us When You Hire Mechanical Engineers

We always want you to know precisely what you will get from us, and to help with that; we put together a list of things you can always expect when you need exceptional mechanical design and drafting services or engineers:

  • We can provide you with excellent design auditing services. With more than 30 years of experience, we have the indispensable knowledge to advise you if you followed all the required steps. Our design analysis is a comprehensive service that ensures you meet all the requirements before continuing. When you make sure, everything is up to standard, your systems will remain reliable and permanence.
  • If it is failure analysis you need, we can assist you. We have helped with the failure analysis of a wide range of equipment from draglines to large storage tanks, vehicle engines and gearbox failures. We helped several of these cases progress to litigation where necessary. We help you complete the required investigations within the time you have, and with the budget you have available. We can also assist in repair or prevention recommendations.
  • We can help with materials and corrosion investigations. Although usually applied in failure analysis investigations – since it often involves material related issues – we can also provide advice on which materials to use in specific corrosive environments.
  • When you need pressure vessel design and life extension studies, we can help. We have experience in all aspects of pressure vessel design, manufacture, and life extension analysis. We ensure that they always meet all applicable Australian standards, as well as meet the State Regulations and National Regulations regarding pressure equipment. Getting the right team to assist you can make all the difference with costly errors and even avoidable damages.

Choosing us when you need mechanical engineer services provides more than just years of experience. It also gives you the peace of mind you deserve. You get professionals who understand the intricacies of the industry and can ensure your machines are all up to standard. Whether you need failure analysis, material suggestions for corrosive environments, or pressure vessel design, manufacture, or life extension analysis, you can always rely on us.


Additional Services We Can Provide When You Need Mechanical Engineering Companies

If you need more than our mechanical design drafting, you should always remember that we can also offer you the following services:

  • We can provide you with 3D printing services that meet high-end industrial quality standards. This is an excellent tool if you need help with rapid prototyping or short-run production solutions. Our professionals can assist you in choosing the perfect material as well as guiding you through the necessary steps.
  • If you need CAD, we can help you. We will ensure you have state of the art CAD stations – or laptops should you prefer that – large monitors and the necessary peripherals to go with it. We can also load all your licensed software for you.
  • We can offer you a full staff leasing service whether you need a small office of once-off helpers to a regular, outsourced team. Our staff has extensive experience with human resources, payroll, and benefits. We bring innovation, integrity, and world-class service to you to ensure success.
  • We can help you find the perfect drafter for the job. The teams we can provide include engineering-, contracting-, and procurement, construction management-, project control-, drafting and design-, and health and safety teams. The last thing your business needs is a record of poor performance that can often happen because you lack the necessary skills on site. We provide a way around that with excellent options of highly qualified staff.

We can help you get the 3D printing services you need so you can fast-track your prototyping in ways that were impossible a few years ago. Whether you do have experience with CAD or not, we can help you set everything up to get your systems going. We provide an excellent staff leasing service and can help you find the ideal drafter for your next big project. It is easy to see why our clients keep coming back to us whenever they need mechanical drafting or other engineering services.


About the Professionals, We Can Provide When You Need Mechanical Drafting Services

Whenever you need mechanical drafting companies, we make choosing us easy. Our professionals all have the necessary qualifications, practical experience, and theoretical knowledge to assist you with any job. We take pride in our wholly Australian workforce and can always say with utmost certainty that the work you get from us will always exceed your expectations. Choose our teams and avoid unnecessary pains and unexpected payments down the line.

Whether you need affordable services that still deliver the quality you need, or you need help with staff leasing, you can rest assured knowing you can always find it here. Our teams provide everything from drafting to engineering to CAD services, payrolling, and 3D printing. Call us today and get the engineering team you deserve.