Mechanical Engineering Companies Sydney

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We Work Closely with Mechanical Engineering Companies in Sydney

Mechanical engineering companies in Sydney require a skilled service to assist with a project before it commences building. Any component or part must be as detailed as possible through proper visualisation with thorough analysis and communication. Mechanical engineering plays a huge role in various sectors such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and computing, to name a few. Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd is a company that provides engineering services, amongst others.


What to Expect from Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd as Mechanical Engineers in Sydney

As a leader in our field, we pride ourselves on meeting the challenges of advanced and in some instances, first-principled analysis. We engage with our in-depth knowledge and understanding of engineering principles coupled with modern technological tools such as computer software, to provide exceptional service.

  • We have the experience to inspect designs and analyse them efficiently. Our team has served as Peer Reviewers on several cases to provide recommendations and confidence to the rebuild design. As a result, you’re aware if there are any design flaws.
  • We conduct failure analysis on a wide range of equipment ranging from storage tanks to automotive engines and gearbox breakdowns. The majority of these cases end up in court where we complete our investigation within time and budget. We always strive to find the reason for the failure and recommend a solution for repair and prevention.
  • Our training and skills have allowed us to deal with all aspects of pressure vessel design, manufacture and analysis of life extension. We adhere to the Australian Standard AS1200, and the state and national regulations that govern pressure equipment. We’ve assisted a large boiler manufacturer that was about to ply their trade in the country. We also adopt fracture mechanics to determine the remaining life of a component with crack defects.


What You Should Know About Electrical Engineers in Sydney

Electrical engineering deals with the design, building and maintenance of machines, equipment and other electrical systems. There are elements of electrical engineering in the civil and mechanical branches as well. The main focus is on large-scale electrical circuits such as transport networks, lift systems, lighting, air conditioning and such elements.

  • Electrical engineers play a part in adhering to regulations relating to safety. They provide direction or co-ordinate manufacturing, construction and other similar elements to ensure the end product is within specifications and meets the client requirements.
  • To assist with engineering tasks, the electrical engineer may use computer software to minimise human error. The software assists in creating technical drawings for electrical systems or topographical maps to ensure that the installation and operations all conform to a particular standard.
  • A professional electrical engineering company regularly confers with other engineers to address current or future engineering projects. Thereafter, they design, maintain and implement parts, components and products for commercial, domestic or industrial use.


About Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd

We have been in the industry for over 27 years, and our work speaks for itself. We maintain high standards in all forms of engineering, design, drafting and recruitment in Australia. Over the years, we’ve received awards for our work in the form of the Support Excellence Award for our involvement in the Brisbane Casino, Brisbane Exhibition Centre and Brisbane International Airport projects.

Contact us if you require assistance with mechanical and electrical engineering.