Electrical Engineers Australia

What You Should Know About Electrical Engineers in Australia

Electricity is ubiquitous in our lives. The electrical wiring that keeps us connected can be seen as the nervous system that keeps the technology of Australia working. The unsung heroes in this story are the electrical engineers of Australia.


Fast Facts About Electrical Engineering

Electricity is the nervous system of the modern world, and electrical engineers maintain this system. Electrical engineers work in a wide range of industries to make sure that the power stays on and is safe. But how exactly do they do it? Here are the three essential elements of being an electrical engineer:

  • They create blueprints for the world. Electrical draftsmen are responsible for drawing up plans for the structures in the world around us. These plans can include anything from building fit-outs and factory layouts to large generators used in power stations. Mechanical engineers design the structures, and electrical engineers draw up the plans (called electrical drafts) for the electrical installations in those structures by using specialised electrical design software called computer assisted design (CAD) software.
  • They are responsible for all the parts of the technological puzzle. Electrical engineers are responsible for designing and developing electrical devices. If it has a current, an electrical engineer will have designed, supervised, developed or tested it to ensure that the myriad of parts connected to the electrical lifeline of the technological world function correctly.
  • They need in-depth, subject-specific knowledge to keep the current flowing. Electrical engineers are highly skilled professionals who have to master a wide range of advanced subjects such as electrical and electronic theory and mathematics to understand how to design materials effectively. Their knowledge includes how to meet the necessary quality and safety standards to ensure that the current is on when it should be and switched off when it shouldn’t be.


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About Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd

We are an award-winning company that has completed more than 5 000 projects across Australia since our inception in 1993. Working with our clients allows us to produce landmark projects successfully. Some of our most prestigious clients include Honeywell, Aurecon, the Defence Forces of Australia, Parmalat and Boeing.

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