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Hire Professional, Knowledgeable Drafting Services

When you plan a project, you want to do so correctly from the start, by making use of professional, award-winning drafting services in Australia. Our staff component mainly consists of architects and engineers with in-depth industry knowledge and understanding. Our drafting and design business has existed for almost 30 years and combined with our professionalism and quality; our experience has made us the leading drafting and design company in Australia.

Our projects have won numerous awards, and we have done over 5 000 projects in Australia for prestige clients to include the Defence Force, Honeywell, Boeing, Aurecon and Parmalat, just to name a few. We are 100 percent Australian operated and fully licensed using only the top licensed design and drafting software for our projects.


What you can Expect From Australian Drafting & Design Regarding a Draftsman Online

Commencing a massive project will involve many construction-, planning-, and designing teams. Design and drafting services will play a critical role in the success of a project as faulty plans and blueprints can lead to significant problems later or even years down the line when structural or planning faults come to the surface.

To ensure the safety, longevity and the structural stability of your project, it is best to trust only the best drafting and design company with a proven track record on major projects. We support our local community by hiring only from within Australia while providing our clients with international standards, quality and licensed software.

  • Best software? If you are familiar with design and drafting, you might know some of the software we use. Always using licensed products, we make sure that our teams are adequately trained on any new updates and know everything there is about the software in their respective fields.
  • The software we have used and trust include 3Dmax, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Inventor, Revit and Solidworks.
  • Latest tech. Accuracy is the name of our game and to ensure we give the most accurate drafts on paper; we make use of the best lasers and digital technology so use during our on- site visits for measurements and layout. You can view your factory layout in 2D or 3D, and we can even go as far as to provide you with a 3D-printed model of what your building would look like once we have successfully seen the project through.
  • Award-winning professionalism. Our commitment and professionalism and the constant upholding of high standards made us a drafting company that you can rely on and trust with your substantial investment.
  • We have been awarded the Support Excellence Award and received recognition for our involvement in the drafting and design of the Brisbane Airport, the Casino and the Exhibition Centre. Refurbishment of the King George Square and the Queen Street Mall has further placed us on the map as the company you need if you require drafter mechanical engineers.
  • Industry understanding. We are not merely an HR company that hires out the best professionals to suit the needs of your project – our engineers and architects all have insight into the industry. They will apply the knowledge and understanding shared among them and passed on during 25 years of collaboration, to the design and drafting of your project plans.
  • No matter if you are bidding on or delivering on a project, you always want the best people available who will give you the competitive edge and the best chance of success. The future of not only your company but the livelihood of many others might depend on it.
  • Minimise risks. To understand Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) projects, you have to be involved in the industry to have your finger on the pulse at all time. Communication, inter-linked communication between different divisions, as well as the latest tech, lasers, and on-site equipment, means you have the best chance to succeed. We will pair you with the appropriate skills to avoid lack of resources, being over budget, behind schedule or lacking the necessary safety measures for a construction site.

We remain involved throughout the entire EPCM process; our knowledge and hands-on experience can mean the difference between a project delay or being one step ahead. We are thus the right choice if you need a PI insured, licensed labour hiring company that offers recruitment services within the EPCM sector, among other services. Look no further to find a draftsman suited to your project.


Related Services we Provide to Online Drafting Services

Hiring EPCM staff for your project can become burdensome, especially if you have to consult with different companies to cover the various divisions with a competent person for safety, mechanical, structural and electrical, just to name a few of the draftsmen you will require.

A large-scale project already has so many risks and factors that might be out of your control, control what you can – hiring professional draftspeople that you know will deliver on the job and minimise risk as far as they go.

  • Software hire. Relying only on the skills of professional draftsperson you hire, is not enough as you need the reliable, up to date CAD software and hardware for the drafting to be optimal. We can provide you with the actual laptops loaded with the software so your team can get started right away.
  • An added benefit of using our service is that you have access to a 3D printing service to give you the best idea of how your end product will look and put all the drafting plans into a 3D visual model for convenient planning.
  • Payroll. When you are hiring contractors, one thing that has to happen at the end of the month is that you have to pay everyone. This process can not only become an admin nightmare, but it can leave much room for human error and fraud to creep in, especially when you dealing with several companies.
  • Hiring our professionals means you can also outsource your payroll system. Eliminate sending out payslips, being 30 to 60 days behind with your cash flow, paying expensive accounting fees as well as payroll tax.
  • Proof of success. If our awards and recognitions on major projects are not enough proof for you to hire our draftsmen, we have sample projects and examples of how our work and plans look in practice, in the form of our sample projects. This added benefit and a look into what we do during the drafting process will also make it easier for you to trust that just because you found a draftsman online, it doesn’t mean that the service is questionable.
  • Be very specific when you hire a drafter and ask us to focus on either a Structural, Electrical, Architectural or Civil service. Except for Drafting and design, we also cover the Safety section of the EPCM process, and you can hire Safety Advisors or OH&S Managers to oversee the safety aspects of your project.


About Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd.

By now, you know our entire pedigree, and you might have a better idea of the services we provide and how we can support your investment to make sure it reaches completion. You might be left wondering what all this will cost you.

Consider the benefits of hiring software, payroll and all the draftsmen you require all from one company. We will provide you with the most competitive price without compromising on quality. You will receive our award-winning services, professionals and their knowledge and skills, as well as the latest tech – all at your service to the benefit of your project bottom line, risk factor and your brand reputation.

Contact us today if you need a draftsman, because you can’t afford to risk the future of your investment on poor planning, design and drafting services.