Electrical Engineers Brisbane


A Quarter of a Century of Success as Electrical Engineers in Brisbane

You can rely on our electrical engineers in Brisbane for your short- and long-term projects as Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd is a locally owned drafting, engineering, design and recruitment service with international success. We are leaders in the industry, and we are amongst the first labour-hiring agencies in the country offering a licensed service.

What You Can Expect from Us Regarding Mechanical Engineers in Brisbane

We bring the solutions needed to solve mechanical problems of any size and level of complexity. Our success since 1993 portrays us as trusted engineers with more than 5 000 completed exceptional projects in our portfolio.

  • Design analysis. Our comprehensive understanding and know-how of a wide range of engineering fields give us the edge to offer in-depth analysis of design projects. Our services also include design auditing to determine if all required actions and steps for forming an analysis, were in place.
  • Failure analysis. Since we have a broad range of services and qualified professionals from several niche fields of engineering and architecture on our team, we can provide you with a comprehensive analysis when failures occur. Our respected and trusted services have been a key factor in resolving several legal matters surrounding such shortcomings. When tasked with failure analysis of any scale, we always remain within budget and deliver timely results.
  • Investigating material and corrosion. Failure analysis often results in investigating the contribution of material corrosion during mechanical failure. During these investigations, we do thorough research to compile comprehensive, unbiased reports. As engineers, we also make suggestions to avoid re-occurrence of such incidences and advise on steps to best remedy the current situation.


What Sets Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd Apart Regarding Mechanical Engineers in Brisbane

You can always rely on our engineers and architects to have a complete understanding of the industry and its requirements.

  • Our portfolio reflects our positive contribution and complete commitment to the successful completion of various landmark projects. We have done numerous projects for prestige clients such as Parmalat, Boeing and the Defence Force of Australia.
  • We offer a select range of all the leading software solutions you might desire. These include AutoCAD, Solidworks, Visio, 3D Max and more. All our software are licensed and thus the platform from where we can serve your bespoke needs.
  • Our trusted reputation in the industry as an Australian-owned company, delivering consistent, outstanding, proficient service, led to us receiving an Excellence Support Service Award for one of our major projects.


About Australian Drafting & Design Pty Ltd.

Through many years and projects, we’ve established our name as a leader in the industry based in Brisbane. We pride ourselves in delivering excellence and a high-quality service. We offer you the services of our qualified engineers and advanced software solutions as well as fast results and cost- effectivity. We meet all requirements and come with PI Insurance, PL Insurance and a Licensed Labour Hiring certification. Contact us in Brisbane to discuss your challenges, and together we’ll find solutions.